Hip Preservation


Hip joint is ball and socket joint. A variety of hip disorders can cause hip pain that can be felt on Groin, thigh and buttock, contrary to past now a days, diagnosis of Hip pain is getting improved and more and more patients are being diagnosed which earlier went undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as radiculopathy of lumbar origin.

Astha Hospital is among very very few hospitals in India to use complex hip preservation techniques to help you reduce your risk for premature arthritis and either avoid or delay need of hip replacement surgery in your later years. Hip Arthroscopy is minimal invasive technically demanding technique that is very helpful in conditions such as hip impingement, intra-articular loose, Labral tears, hip joint infections, diagnosis of undiagnosed conditions.

Astha hospital has team of expert Hip and Pelvis surgeons Dr.Sham Shinde, Dr.Dinesh Patil and Dr.Rajeev Nirwane who are capable of treating hip dysplasia, chronic hip dislocations, subluxations with techniques of femoral and pelvic Osteotomies to give better acetabular coverage to femoral head.

Dr.Sham Shinde trained in Hip Arthroscopy (among very few Hip  Arthroscopist in India) is doing Hip Arthroscopy in Astha Hospital .

A new avenue in avascular necrosis of femoral head :

There is only one last resort in treatment of AVN Femoral head is Hip replacement surgery, other treatment modalities does exist like core decompression, BMAC, stem cell therapies of questionable utility or to reduce pain for few months or rarely for years. There is one more promising prospect  in treatment of AVN femoral head invented by Japanese researcher Prof. Sujioka, which is widely practiced by prof.Astumi is High trochentric rotational Osteotomy or curved trochentic Osteotomy, which has a potential to remodel femoral head in young adults, adolescence, middle aged people which delays or avoid need of hip replacement surgery.

 Principles used inthis high trochentric Osteotomies :- Bringing viable cartilage of femoral head under weight bearing dome of acetabulum.

 Preventing injury to blood supply of femoral head

This surgical technique is savior to millions of AVN Hips with proven outcomes.


Astha Hospital is India’s Pioneer hospital to adopt this technique to bring new lease of life to thousands of AVN Hip Preservation.